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Cash is King! We have all heard the term but what does it really mean? What is cash flow management all about and why is it important that we have processes in place to plan our cash flow needs for our business?
We need to have plan and manage the money in our business to ensure that we can:
pay our bills as they fall due
understand the timings of payments especially if there are peak demands for cash or seasonality in our business
plan for large expenditures such as replacing equipment or investing in new capital items
At Marie Manning Financial Management we understand that managing your cash flow is the most important first step in getting to grips with your business’ finances. For this reason we are providing a free, downloadable spreadsheet to get you started and we will be posting tips and techniques to help you master forecasting and managing your cash like a pro!
Download the spreadsheet and start tracking your actual cash in and cash out. This will help you to get to know the timing of your cash flows and will make it easier to start the process of forecasting.
You can change the description on the cash inflows and cash outflows to suit your business. Don’t forget to save your spreadsheet as you go and don’t worry if you make a mistake or overwrite a formula – you can always download another copy!
In our next post, we will start looking at the stages of smarter money management for your business and how you can use the spreadsheet template to help. By looking forward we take action earlier to ensure that we have enough cash to pay the bills and invest in the future of our business.

Download your free cash flow template and get started!

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